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emaze blog
Feb 18 2015
pick up lines

Pick Up Lines Guys Should Never Ever Use!

by Motti Nisani

We all know ‘that guy’ whether he’s hit on you at the bar, we all know that one guy who loves to use these corny and insensible pickup lines to get his way with a girl. While we’ve become accustomed to associating sleezy lines with men, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore.

Pick up lines can be an excellent way to break the ice and start up a conversation with someone you hardly know or just met; bring some humor to lighten up situation; and if you’re lucky create a long lasting impression in someone’s mind.


However, girls and guys alike please take note: if you want to avoid rejection (or expect someone from the opposite sex to give you the time of day) take the high road by eliminating these lines from your memory. You’ll come and thank us and your future significant other will too.


1. “Do you have a bandaid? ‘Cuz I just hurt myself falling for you!”

First of all, contrary to popular belief people don’t just walk around carrying bandaids to give out to total strangers unless you’re a.) a paramedic, b.) a soccer mom, or c.) a total germaphobe. As if that first part wasn’t enough to get you shot down in the first place, you hurt yourself falling for me, really? Poor baby! Not. Try again.


2. “Great legs what time do they open?”

you are trying too hard

While this may be funny when you’re joking around with your guy friends, it’s sure to get you absolutely no where with the ladies. You expect to see those legs, implying that the girl is easy is definitely not the way to get you there. This is a bad pickup line, and nothing more than insulting to any fine woman you use it on.


3. “Hello, I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart”

Okay I’ll admit, it’s kind of funny. But you want to know why this really won’t work for you? It’s too cocky. While many men and women like a certain amount of confidence and esteem in a partner, too much cockiness right off the bat can have you looking more like an egomaniac. Stay grounded and show off your confidence in other ways, like how easy it is for you to converse with a total stranger.


4. “Are you lost? because heaven is a long way from here”

This could be sweet if it was coming from my priest or my pastor. No thanks, I’m not looking to be heaven-bound tonight. When we’re out drinking and having a good time the last thing we want to be reminded of is the bad decisions we’re making and if we’ll make it up to heaven or not. This is a sensitive topic for a lot of people, best not to go there unless you’re looking for a philosophical debate.


5. “Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine”

can i have your number - emaze guide to pickup lines

Really, you don’t know my name, you don’t know a single thing about me and you’re going to go asking for my number right from the start. This is a big no-no. The only place this line will get you is shot down to the other side of the room. First of all, it’s highly unoriginal, (cmon step up your originality game!) second of all it makes you sound like a total creep desperate for numbers.


6. “So you come here often?”

This is one of the oldest lines in the book. Very slim chances that the victim you’re using this on hasn’t heard it before. Even if it were witty or the slightest bit ironic this line is doomed from the start because of its overuse. It’s not uncommon to hear “so you come here often?” “Get away from me jerk.”


7. “Excuse me; I think you have something in your eye. Oh wait, it’s just a sparkle.”
You’re probably thinking this is it, my one chance to lean in and give him/her the perfect kiss, more like their chance to punch you right in the face which is more likely what will happen in this situation. I think I would know if I had something in my eye thank you very much, you can save your BS for someone else.


There you have it, if you’re looking to get shot down immediately have at it with these lines, and let us know how that goes for you!

suit up

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make a lasting impression on someone and break the ice with someone new try taking a deep breath and just being yourself, that will get you further than any of these corny lines.