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Make Your Own Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

created by Motti Nisani
Tired of using other peoples’ templates for your presentations? Learn how to create your own free PowerPoint backgrounds quickly and easily. read more

Want to Be Updated? Check Out These Trend Spotting Sites!

created by Motti Nisani

Knowing what is going to happen next and how the market is going to change is really important, whether you run your own business or not. I’ve scoured the internet to give you a head start and found these 13 sites that focus on trend spotting of 2014. read more

Pick of The Month: Best Presentations of Jan 2014

created by Motti Nisani

We have seen lots of emazing presentations that have been created with emaze. In this blog post, unfortunately, we had to select only six of them which we love the most. Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the best presentations of the month!

read more

A Word About Making a Great Online Presentation

created by Motti Nisani
If you’re a business manager or student who is used to making an online presentation, you’ve probably got your own formula; and maybe it even works. However, there are a few things you’ve probably been missing. read more