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4 Ways To Use Technology in 2020 To Improve Your Teaching

created by Ariella Cohen
It’s no secret that most teachers want to use technology in their classrooms. But are they doing it effectively? Here are 4 easy and fun strategies to try! read more

Pitch your startup successfully to investors during the Coronavirus pandemic

created by Milena Farber
Companies are supporting the fight against Coronavirus with funds, equipment, and new technologies. Having problems getting investors and potential clients to believe in you and your company. Get to know how to write a great script that will get everyone’s attention. read more

What makes a Good Presentation? Expert’s Secret Tips Revealed

created by Motti Nisani
This is your shot. Your presentation is your chance to share your idea; your business plan; your inspirations whatever it may be to your audience. read more

The Best FREE PPT Templates in 2020: Choose The Best For You

created by Motti Nisani
Emaze now showcases tons of free PowerPoint template choices, in fact even much more advanced than anything PowerPoint has ever developed. Plus, Emaze presentations are accessible online and easily downloadable. read more