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How To Present Data Effectively [Step-By-Step Guide]

created by Motti Nisani
Business presentations or presenting your empirical findings requires a unique type of presentation style. While many big companies also spend megabucks, time, and effort into the research and development, extremely crucial presentation is often left in dire need of more focus and attention. read more

Using Emaze to Create a Virtual Art Gallery

created by Milena Farber
How great would it be to own an art gallery where you can showcase your work on your terms, without worrying about social distancing and displaying anytime you want? Many art teachers are now planning art lessons at home due to the pandemic outbreak. Did you know you can use Emaze Creative Editor to allow students to submit artwork from home? It may sound like a dream, but with Emaze, it can be your reality! read more

4 Ways To Use Technology in 2020 To Improve Your Teaching

created by Ariella Cohen
It’s no secret that most teachers want to use technology in their classrooms. But are they doing it effectively? Here are 4 easy and fun strategies to try! read more

Pitch your startup successfully to investors during the Coronavirus pandemic

created by Milena Farber
Companies are supporting the fight against Coronavirus with funds, equipment, and new technologies. Having problems getting investors and potential clients to believe in you and your company. Get to know how to write a great script that will get everyone’s attention. read more