Jul 14 2017

Disrupt the Resume

by Talya Ladell
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Getting others’ attention may be something some of us are more talented at than others.  But when it comes to getting a job, knowing how to jump up and down and make a splash has simply become an absolute necessity.

How do you show off all of your accomplishments?  You’re going to need to submit more than just a black and white resume and hope for the best.

We’d like to proudly invite you to consider, “the Emaze.”

Why Emaze? Emaze has become so much more than a free presentation template platform.  It is a way to visually represent content that is specifically designed to capture your audience’s attention.

Check out these great examples of fantastic resumes made from Emaze presentation templates:


Job seekers specifically were using us to make resumes that made their profiles throw the competition to the water.  When a one page resume gets transformed into an Emaze, accomplishments get noticed, and employers get impressed.  But there was another reason why job seekers wanted an Emaze- it was because they could pretty much post in everywhere and anywhere.  Because of our easy to use sharing capabilities, Emazers can post everywhere on social media and LinkedIn, send through email to any potential employers as well embed them in their personal websites.  A further bonus?  They got a sense of what everyone thought of them instantly. Emaze offers Audience Insight Analytics, so they can see exactly which potential employer saw their presentation, and how much time was spent on each slide.

Ready to create your own emazing resume?

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