Jul 27 2014
join the emaze ambassador community

Join the Emaze ambassador community

by Motti Nisani
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Do you want to be part of the Emazehttp://emaze.com ambassador community? Fill out the form people to become part of the elite Emaze team.

Join our Emaze ambassador community!

We are looking for users who are fluent in the Emaze platform and our passionate about our product and mission. An ideal Emaze ambassador candidate is an active user dedicated to promoting our product.

We are on a mission to build a community of Emaze ambassadors to bring professionals all over the world together. In order to do that, we are seeking talented writers, designers and hands-on Emaze trainers fluent in our brand.

 As an Emaze ambassador, you’ll receive an official Emaze badge from us that you can show off on your website, blog and email signature. This badge declares you as an official Emaze ambassador who is familiar with our eye for design, product and values.

Apply  now to become a  guest blogger, guest panelist, freelance presentation designer, product trainer and more.

***Please note: Only Emaze users are eligible to join our community