Jul 1 2014
education presentation template that will make classrooms more fun

Education Presentation Template That Will Make Classrooms More Fun

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Creating a presentation should always be fun, especially when it’s for students. In case you haven’t heard, educators love Emaze presentations. Now, we have a new amazing education presentation template for teachers and students alike to learn, explore and share! It’s lively and colorful anyone can enjoy it!

Today, we made a presentation for a science class on the ecosystem of forests. It was really important for us in this particular presentation to have lots of room for visual graphics and statistics. This template is amazing because it has so many customized fun shapes that you can use for a word cloud,  diagram, timeline and even charts and graphs!  The nice thing about the shapes is it allows for you to place your text in bright and engaging way instead of boring traditional bullet points. You’ll notice throughout this presentation that we made facts and data visible in a really fun way.

The colors of the template are all bright and fun, very reminiscent of the Magic School Bus books. There is even an owl that joins you on many of the  slides to help you tell your story or just to say hello. You’ll also notice that there are 2D clouds on every slide, some with a friendly animal sitting on them. If you wanted to, you can even add a sound effect to make your owl who.

This template is also great for book reports, story telling, a class quiz, scrapbook, science project and whatever else you put your mind to. What are you waiting for? Get started and build your first emazing presentation project on Emaze.


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