Jun 2 2014
educators love emaze presentations find out why

Educators Love Emaze Presentations. Find out why.

by Motti Nisani
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It’s amazing to see so many of our Emaze users and educators implementing our product into learning institutions.  Just recently, James Diffin of Ireland created a video for a “Learning at Work Week” which he presented to his organization about Emaze. Learn more about how James used Emaze as a teaching tool and watch his video demo.

I work for an organisation that’s attached to Queen’s University, Belfast.  This week is what they’re calling their ‘Learning at Work Week’ where each day over lunchtime, staff (lecturers, clerical staff, technical staff and others), have the opportunity to come and listen to someone speak for half an hour on a given topic.

On Monday the topic was ‘Improving your presentations.’ I was booked in for a half hour slot and I gave the attendees a fifteen minute demo of Emaze.  I’ve used Emzae myself a few times and I just love the stylish nature of it.  When I tell people about it, I share my experience which is that “Emaze has already done the graphic design for us!”  Most of us aren’t trained in design and many of us don’t even have an eye for it.  That’s why we see hundreds of PowerPoint presentations with awkward colour schemes and horrific layouts.  I chose to demonstrate Emaze because I really believe that your application solves that problem.  With the range of presentation templates, themes and slide templates that are available, it’s so easy for anyone without an eye for design to build up a stylish and professional presentation just by populating Emaze’s slides with their own information.

Those attending the event loved Emaze and many of them commented to me afterwards that they were going to go and try it as soon as they could.

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