Apr 2 2014
3 reasons your website needs an emaze makeover

3 Reasons Your Website Needs an Emaze Makeover

by Motti Nisani
Reading Time: < 1 minute

If you’re a blogger, writer, editor or marketer, then you understand the importance of creating engaging content and imagery that keeps readers from abandoning your website or article.Throw away everything you know about blogs, news sites and content pages. It’s time for an emaze makeover. 

Give your website an emaze makeover

Create alluring and beautifully designed content without the difficulty of navigating through WordPress or CSS.
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1. Sites like WordPress and Joomla are difficult to use & aren’t user-friendly

Content management platforms are complex. emaze requires no technical experience. You can create beautifully designed and engaging content to narrate your story directly on your post. Update your content whenever you want, directly from emaze and your changes will be made live to your site simultaneously.

2. Your gallery is boring and needs more creative expression 

Static images and galleries bore your audience. Make your images come to life! Include text, visuals, soundtracks, audio clips, shapes, video, charts all in one place.

3. Readers aren’t staying on your site long enough

Keep your readers engaged from the start, open your article with an emaze presentation and you’ll get them hooked.

 Get inspired and start your emaze makeover!