Dec 21 2013

Solving the Free PowerPoint Program Problem for Students

by Motti Nisani

Professors are increasingly assigning presentations for major grades, but a free PowerPoint program is a fairy tale, and buying the program on a student’s income is not very realistic. So, what is a student supposed to do?

Finding a free PowerPoint program from Microsoft is nearly next to impossible, and if you want to do your presentation assignments in MS PowerPoint, you really have few options. Instead of insisting on looking for a free power point download, how about broadening your horizon to other presentation possibilities?

Today’s student is tech and internet-savvy; you have probably already, or are currently, taking an online class, use technology in the classroom, and are looking for an easy answer to your presentation software problem. The easy answer is a web-based presentation app. Think beyond PowerPoint!

Several of these web-based apps are free, which is totally cool for students. The very best of them, like Emaze, let you create your own free PowerPoint, using one of their many templates and designs, or create your own from scratch, right on the website. You can save it to the cloud while you’re working on it, and access it on any mobile device from anywhere, at any time, too. So, if you’re at the coffee shop with your tablet and a few extra minutes, all you have to do is login, and all of your work is automatically there. No PowerPoint for free? No problem. If you’re at the school’s computer lab, it works exactly the same. Riding in a long car ride with your phone? You got it; finish up your free PowerPoint creation easily. And when it comes time to present it in front of the class, you don’t have to download your work onto anything to move it; you just login to the site, and you’re ready to present. No PowerPoint for free? No problem. Nothing’s easier than the cloud; really. With an app like Emaze, you can handle any presentation your Prof throws at you.

Once you’ve tried the Emaze app, you’ll never go back to the clunky, ball and chain of Microsoft’s program. In fact, you’ll wonder why you’ve been wasting all that time wishing for a free power point download. Get started now—for free!